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2 18 V batteries with a capacity of 5.0 Ah and a fast charger

  • Work longer with one battery thanks to the high capacity of 5.0 Ah
  • Fast charger: the battery with a capacity of 5.0 Ah is ready for use after only 35 minutes (charged to 80%)
  • The unique design of the COOLPACK extends the life of the battery: a special heat-conducting case reduces the increase in heat inside the battery


Part of this variant

  • Cardboard box
  • Fast charger GAL 1880 CV
    Order number: 1 600 A00 B8G
  • 2x GBA 18V 5.0Ah batteries
    Order number: 1 600 A00 2U5



Important product information

This basic set includes two 18 V class batteries with a capacity of 5.0 Ah and a GAL 1880 CV fast charger. The supplied GBA 18V 5.0Ah battery provides 25% longer battery life compared to the GBA 18V 4.0Ah battery. Taking into account the better spread of heat from the inside to the outside, these accumulators are equipped with COOLPACK 1.0 technology, which guarantees a longer service life and operating time. The fast charger GAL 1880 CV in this set enables quick charging of accumulators. The GBA 18V 5.0Ah battery charges to 80% in just 35 minutes. All our batteries from 2008 are compatible with new and older Bosch Professional tools within the same voltage class.

Battery & Charger set-BOSCH

155,25 €Price
  • Additional data

    Battery capacity 1* 5 Ah
    Battery voltage 18.0V
    Weight of battery 1* 0.6 kg
    Article type Li-Ion
    Accumulator charging voltage 14.4 – 18 V
    Charging current* 8 A
    Charging time with a battery capacity of 5.0 Ah (80% / 100%) approx.* 35/45 min.
    Charger weight* 0.7 kg
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