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No interruptions and no jamming: increased milling efficiency

  • Increased efficiency thanks to the Constant Speed ​​function and excellent engine performance
  • Ideal tool for working with hard wood, soft wood, MDF or plywood
  • The Constant Speed ​​function provides maximum efficiency in its class
  • Submersible design minimizes dust pick-up and prevents jamming at speeds over 10,000 rpm
  • Flexible options for quick and easy replacement of cutters: using keys or spindle lock


Part of this variant

  • Copy sleeve (catalog number 1 619 PB5 522)
  • Clamping collet 6 mm (catalog number 1 619 PB5 492)
  • Suction adapter (catalog number 1 619 PB5 521)
  • Guide roller (catalog number 1 619 PB5 515)
  • Parallel stop (catalog number 1 619 PB5 511)
  • Clamping collet 8 mm (catalog number 1 619 PB5 490)
  • Centering pin (catalog number 1 619 PB5 523)
  • Key (catalog number 1 600 A02 28G)



Important product information

Excellent news for all woodworkers – the Bosch GOF 130 Professional milling cutter offers greater efficiency in any milling process thanks to the Constant Speed ​​function and excellent motor performance. Fast milling in hardwood, softwood, MDF or plywood. The Constant Speed ​​function enables work without interruptions and jams and provides the highest milling efficiency in its class. The innovative submersible design minimizes dust absorption and prevents jamming at revolutions of more than 10,000 per minute, especially in dusty and demanding environments. And last but not least, it offers flexible options for changing milling tips, manually using keys or spindle lock.


113,75 €Price
  • Additional data

    Rated power 1300 W
    Idle speed* 11,000 – 28,000 rpm
    Tool clamping 6 – 8.0 mm
    Ø shank milling machine 40 mm
    Max. lift of the milling basket 55 mm
    Weight* 3.5 kg

    Total vibration values ​​(Sanding of solid wood)

    Vibration emission value ah 4 m/s²
    Inaccuracy of K 1.5 m/s²

    Information about noise and vibrations

    Sound pressure level 86 dB(A)
    Acoustic power level 97 dB(A)
    Inaccuracy of K 3 dB

    Grinding solid wood

    Vibration emission value ah 4 m/s²
    Inaccuracy of K 1.5 m/s²

    The noise level of an A-rated power tool is typically: sound pressure level 86 dB(A); acoustic power level 97 dB(A). Uncertainty K= 3 dB.


    * More information about deviations can be found at the following link: Technical characteristics of the products

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