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• EasyTIG 208P AC/DC • TIG torch SPE 17 1B 4m • Set of consumables • Work clamp • Gas hose • User’s manual

a modern digitally controlled inverter welding machine, constructed on the basis of IGBTs. Allows welding TIG AC/DC and MMA AC/DC modes. It is powered with single-phase 230V source power.

Easy-to-use digital control panel provides instant access to the welding machine’s functions.

EasyTIG 208P AC/DC enables two methods of arc ignition:TIG HF (high frequency) and TIG Lift (with scratch ignition). A diagram of TIG parameters on the panel allows for full adjustment:

– gas flow time before and after welding
– up slope and down slope time.

In addition, the built-in pulse welding function (frequency 0.5 – 200Hz) enables adjustment: base amps, pulse amps, pulse frequency. Thanks to these parameters the machine is perfect for joining even very thin sheets.

Depending on the welder’s preferences EasyTIG 208P AC/DC can work in 2T or 4T mode.

EasyTIG 208P AC/DC will work useful during welding aluminum, thanks to the smooth balance adjustment in the range 10 – 99%.

MMA welding mode (to 200A) is assisted by functions: Arc Force and Hot Start.

EasyTIG 208P AC/DC is a perfect machine for production and maintenance.

Examples of use: portable repair, workshop, maintenance, constructions.


Technical details

Input~1× 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
TIG welding currentAC 10 - 200A / DC 10 - 170A
TIG duty cycleAC 35% / DC 40%
Gas pre flow0 - 2s
Gas post flow0 - 10s
Up slope0 - 10s
Down slope0 - 10s
TIG Pulseyes
Pulse AmpsAC 10 - 200A / DC 10 - 170A
Pulse Width5 - 95%
Pulse frequency0.5 - 200Hz
AC frequency60Hz
AC wave formssquare
AC balance10 - 99%
2T/4T Controlyes
Arc ignitionHF
Control optionscontrol in torch UP&DOWN, control in the handle potentiometer
MMA welding currentAC 10 - 170A / DC 10 - 170A
Arc Forceyes
Hot Startyes
No-load voltage79V
Current consumpitonTIG DC 28A / TIG AC 33A / MMA DC 41A / MMA AC 39A
Power factor (cosφ)0.6
Efficiency η85%
Insulation classH
Protection classIP21S
Dimensions450 x 135 x 230mm
Control plug9SPA - SPARTUS®

Welding Machine

542,54 €Price
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