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Product description

Workshop desk with 5 lockable drawers and a lockable cabinet with a movable shelf. The work table has a very durable worktop. Sold with either four legs or four wheels.

Compact work table suitable for storing tools, accessories, spare parts and other items. Cabinet doors are equipped with door handles that can be locked with padlocks. The shelf inside the cabinet can be moved up and down according to what you need to store in it. Five drawers move quietly and smoothly on ball bearings.

The table has a central locking system that locks all drawers at once. It can be equipped with a toolbar in various designs to maximize your storage space (sold separately; see accessories). The top worktop made of HPL laminate provides a smooth, firm and scratch-resistant surface. It is also resistant to liquids and some chemicals and is easy to keep clean. To increase durability, the edge of the top plate is reinforced with a steel strip.
The frame, drawers and cabinet doors are made of painted sheet steel. The varnish provides a hard and impact- and abrasion-resistant surface. The frame is treated with white powder paint and the drawers and cabinet doors are blue. The edge of the worktop is treated with blue powder paint.
The workshop desk is available with either fixed legs or four castors, giving you a mobile workstation. Two wheels are fixed and two are rotatable. They have rubber treads thanks to which they move quietly and absorb shocks excellently. The model on wheels has a handle for easier handling.

Workshop table with FLEX castors

629,00 €Price
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